Bellville police reports

Oct. 29

State Route 97 At the listed date and time while monitoring traffic, Officer heard vehicle engine revving loudly and what sounded as a vehicle rapidly accelerating. Officer pulled onto St. Rt. 97 and observed subject vehicle traveling over the posted speed limit, while continuing to accelerate. As Officer attempted to catch up to vehicle, they observed the vehicle weave across the center line and also noticed the vehicle did not appear to have a working license plate light. Officer then observed as vehicle conducted an improper left turn. Officer activated overheads, but vehicle did not show any signs of slowing. Subject vehicle conducted a left turn, travelled of the side of the roadway, then did begin to slow and come to a stop. Officer approached the vehicle and met the driver, while noting the odor of alcohol, and the glassiness of the driver’s eyes. Officer requested the required information, driver supplied, while appearing very nervous. The driver stated that they did not notice the Officer’s attempt to stop them, and was unaware of the Officer’s presence. Officer requested the driver participate in Field Sobriety Testing, which the driver was unable to successfully complete. At this point, Officer transported the subject to local law enforcement agency to complete further testing, which the driver refused. Tow services arrived for the vehicle, a Tow/Inventory form was completed and the driver was transported to their residence and charged with OVI, marked lanes and failure to illuminate rear license plate.

Oct. 31

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was requested to speak with an education official in reference to a possible fight that took place at a residence involving a juvenile. Officer spoke with official, juvenile, witnesses and family members. Information was gathered.

Nov. 1

Bellville Police Department — Subject on station to make a report referencing a potential sexual crime. Subject was interviewed, report was taken, and this case is under investigation.

Nov. 3

Interstate 71 northbound ramp — Officer observed subject vehicle make several stops on the roadway before coming to a stop at the posted stop sign. Vehicle activated turn signal and completed a left turn, at this point the Officer observed the vehicle was not displaying a front license plate. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached vehicle, made contact with the driver and requested required information. Driver was unable to provide a valid driver’s license and insurance but, did provide a registration and ID card. Dispatch confirmed the driver as suspended, Officer called for a tow and requested the driver call someone to pick them up. As the Officer was issuing a citation for driving under suspension, the subject became very upset. An emergency squad was called, due to the nature of the driver, at which the driver refused treatment and transport. The driver began displaying worsening and out of control behavior. Assisting Officers arrived, spoke with driver and they were placed into the patrol cruiser, along with a juvenile, for transport to the Bellville Police Station. Tow services were called and a Tow/Inventory form was completed. Subject was issued citations for disorderly conduct, obstructing official business, illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia, obstructed plate, DUS and turn and stop signals. A family member was able to transport the driver and juvenile home.

State Route 13 — On the listed date and time while patrolling, Officer observed subject vehicle traveling on St. Rt. 13 with a door that appeared to not be latched, as it was bouncing up and down. Dispatch confirmed the information on the plate matched the vehicle and the owner as showing a warrant out of a local city. As Officer continued behind vehicle, they observed as vehicle traveled over the marked center line with the tires on the right side of the vehicle. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Officer made contact with the driver, asked about the door and the driver stated that it was broken but, being held secure with a bungee strap. The Officer requested the required information, driver complied. Dispatch confirmed the driver as having an active warrant, the driver was able to contact someone to retrieve their vehicle, and they were handcuffed, placed into the rear of the patrol cruiser and taken to jail