Construction effort moving faster than expected at elementary schools

By Louise Swartzwalder - Bellville Star

CLEAR FORK VALLEY – Construction at the two new elementary school buildings in Butler and Bellville has gone so well both sites are going to be ready by mid-December, Clear Fork School Board members were told at a recent meeting.

Tim Moon, superintendent for the project at the Bellville site, with Adena Corporation, said workers are working on putting in gym floors. He said everything else is in good shape.

Furniture for the two buildings is going to be delivered Dec. 3, he said.

Board member Carl Gonzalez asked about signage at the buildings and oil canning, which has occurred at the Bellville site.

Oil canning is a visible waviness in flat areas of metal roofing and metal wall panels. In technical terms, it is referred to as elastic buckling or “stress wrinkling.” It can occur in any type of metal panel: steel, aluminum, zinc or copper.

Superintendent Janice Wyckoff said the district will be placing 30-inch letters — with a colt in the middle — on the ends of the building and the side of the gym there will be “Home of the Colts” signs. These will have two sets of horse shoes on either end.

She said the placement of the pictures will help draw eyes away from the oil canning.

The same effort will be used in Butler, Wyckoff said.

The size of the letters has been changed from 26 inches to 30 inches, as part of the project, she said.

It is hoped that the change in lettering will eliminate the problems with bird nesting.

The new letters are solid plastic and are about ¼ inch thick and will mount flush against the metal panels, according to Wyckoff.

Gonzalez asked if changing the size will affect the cost. Wyckoff said no problems with that were anticipated.

The next meeting of the school board will be Jan. 7. That will be an organizational meeting. Board member Amy Weekley was named president pro tempore for purposes of that meeting.

The make up date for that meeting is Jan. 14

By Louise Swartzwalder

Bellville Star