Bellville police reports

Nov. 19

Main Street — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed location in reference to a criminal mischief report. Officer made contact with the caller, who stated that when they went to get into their vehicle, they noticed scratches down the side. Caller was not sure exactly when the damages occurred, photos were taken of the damage and a report was completed.

Main Street — Officer dispatched to the listed location for a vehicle that needed marked for a 72 hour notice. Tow Inventory Form was completed and tow company was contacted to remove the vehicle.

Nov. 20

Main Street While on patrol on Main Street, Officer observed vehicle travelling without a front or rear license plate. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching vehicle, Officer observed a temporary tag lying flat in the rear window. Officer made contact with the driver, noticing the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Assisting Officer arrived and driver and passenger were asked to exit the vehicle. Dispatch was contacted and confirmed the identity of both occupants, the passenger being found to have an active warrant. Issuing city arrived to transport the passenger to jail and the driver was cited for obstructed plate and illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Durbin Street — On the listed date and time while patrolling, Officer received information from Dispatch showing the driver as suspended. Officer activated overheads, initiating a traffic stop. Officer approached driver and occupant of the vehicle, driver stating that they thought their license was valid. Officer confirmed the suspended status of the license and citation was issued for Driving Under Suspension.

Nov. 22

State Route 13 — On the listed date and time while patrolling, Officer observed vehicle with driver appearing to try to avoid the Officer, hiding down in the vehicle and displaying criminal indicators. License plate information returned to the vehicle and driver was confirmed as suspended. The Officer caught up with the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Driver stated that they did not receive confirmation of the suspended status. Dispatch confirmed the status, a citation was given for Driving Under Suspension, and a valid driver arrived to transport the occupant and vehicle.

Kochheiser Road — Officer on patrol observed vehicle with confirmed driver, as Under Suspension. Officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the occupants. Driver stated that the vehicle was having engine trouble and they were driving home. The Officer confirmed the passenger as a valid driver, the driver received a citation for Driving Under Suspension and the valid driver transported them home.

State route 13 On the listed date and time, while travelling north bound on State Route 13, Officer observed subject vehicle travelling south bound, over the center line and almost striking the patrol cruiser head on. The Officer, able to avoid a collision, turned and observed the vehicle continue to travel down the center line. The Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop in the parking lot of River Rock. The driver of the vehicle was contacted, the Officer observing the odor of alcohol, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. The driver state that they had been drinking and they were supposed to pick up a friend from River Rock. Driver was asked to participate in field sobriety testing, which they responded they would be unable to complete, due them having been drinking. At this time, Officer transported driver to local law enforcement agency to submit a breath sample, which they refused. Driver was cited for OVI and lanes of travel and released to a family member.