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Donate blood, get a gift card on Dec. 11

BELLVILLE — St. Paul Lutheran Church, 48 Church St., is sponsoring a Red Cross blood drive Tuesday, Dec. 11 from noon to 6 p.m. In addition to regular blood donations, donors may choose to make “Power Red” donations and may do “Rapid Pass” in advance by logging on to

To schedule an appointment, please phone Nancy Martin at 419-571-6315 or go online to schedule for yourself. For this drive, the Red Cross is offering an incentive of an Amazon $5 gift card to all donors with an email address. Especially nearing holiday time, there is an urgent need for blood donations. Please take your time to give this gift.

‘Beings of Light’ message Sunday at All Souls church

BELLVILLE — Dr. Walter Kania, will speak about ‘Beings of Light” at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Bellville, 25 Church St., Bellville, OH 44813.

Last month we asked and answered the question of who we are in the message “Who Am I?” We said that we are not our brains, our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings, our minds, our egos, or our behaviors or personality. If not any of those who are we? We said that we are Spirit, Consciousness, Love, Energy, Soul, Mind (big M), Eternal and Immortal Beings. Today we affirm that the essence of who we are is Light. We are also Beings of Light, manifesting uniquely as us in this time and space, in this dimension of reality. This season of darkness and the evolution into the springtime of new life and greater light are clear reminders of the nature and importance of light and the nature of who we are!

Dr. Walter Kania is a licensed Clinical and Consulting Psychologist. He conducts seminars and is a frequent speaker in the fields ofpsychology, religion, and spirituality.

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