Inspections underway at elementary school buildings

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — Things are starting to wrap up with construction of the two elementary school buildings in Butler and Bellville, the Clear Fork Valley School District board was told at Monday’s meeting.

Brad Geissman, of the Adena Corporation, told the board inspections for life safety, final electrical, final plumbing and for occupancy by the Health Department started this week in Butler. Those will occur next week in Bellville.

Buildings in Butler and Bellville have been progressing over the past months. School is scheduled to end Dec. 17, and staff is scheduled to work on packing items for moving.

The architect started a “punch list” in Butler Monday, and will do the same in Bellville next week. Geissman told the school board.

The class room wings in both buildings are nearly complete, final cleaning has started and loose furnishings are arriving.

The next phase will be the auction, then the abatement of hazardous materials in the existing buildings.

A demolition contract has been awarded to L. J. Irving from northeast Ohio and that will probably occur in early spring. It will probably take a couple of months for asbestos abatement, he said.

The board accepted bids for auctioning items in the two buildings, and it was awarded to R.L. Remaley Auctioneers.

The board heard a presentation by Brigitte Coles, from Richland County Children Services. She thanked the community for supporting a recent one mil levy, which will raise more than $2 million over the next 10 years. This agency provides help for more than 790 children each month.

The board authorized treasurer Bradd Stevens to look at bids for groups offering retail natural gas services. This would be for the July 2020 billing cycle, terminating no later than the end of the June 2025 billing cycle. Bids are to be submitted for one, two and three-year periods.


By Louise Swartzwalder

Bellville Star