Bellville police reports

Dec. 12

Loves — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to the listed business in reference to counterfeit money. Officer arrived and made contact with a manager who stated that two people had entered the business and were able to pass numerous counterfeit bill. Store video was observed and a report was taken. Officer cleared scene.

Comfort Inn — On the listed date and time, Bellville Police Department was contacted by the listed business in reference to a distraught person. Officer was dispatched to location where they made contact with the subject. After speaking with subject, Officer transported subject to a local medical facility per their request.

Duke and Duchess St. Rt. 97 — On this date and time, Officer arrived at listed location reference a vehicle that was previously marked for 72 hour removal. Officer confirmed through Dispatch the vehicle was not listed as stolen, the owner having not removed the vehicle from the business, a tow was called. The Tow Inventory Form was completed, the tow truck arrived to remove the vehicle, and Officer cleared the scene.

Duke and Duchess St. Rt. 97 — Officer dispatched to the listed location in regards to a theft. Officer arrived and made contact with the employees, information on the items stolen, subject vehicle description was gathered, and statements were taken. This case is under investigation.

Dec. 13

Main Street — While on patrol, Officer observed vehicle traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. Officer activated radar and confirmed the subject vehicle speed. While traveling, vehicle did pass by several vehicles and did cross over both the center and fog lines while attempting to negotiate a slight curve. Officer caught up to vehicle, activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Officer made contact with the driver and requested the required information. Driver stated that they did not have a license but, did supply the vehicle registration and insurance paperwork. Driver supplied a date of birth, which Dispatch did confirm the identity of the driver. At this time, a valid driver was contacted for the vehicle. Citations were issued for speed, failure to wear a seat belt, driving in marked lanes, willful disregard of safety and no operator’s license.

Bellville — Subject came on station to file a report for fraud. A statement form was completed and an Officer spoke with the subject, regarding telecommunications and identity fraud, information was gathered. This case is currently under investigation.

Dec. 16

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to listed location for a reported domestic dispute, caller stating that they were assaulted by the other occupant of the household. Officer arrived and was met by the subject, who admitted to striking the other occupant of the house. The subject was then placed in the rear of the patrol cruiser for safety and Officer spoke with the caller and gathered information on the situation. There are no charges at this time.

St. Rt. 13 — On the listed date and time, Officer observed subject vehicle traveling south on State Route 13 at a high rate of speed. Officer also observed as vehicle passed, the rear tail lights were not working. Officer began to follow the vehicle as it passed, continued southbound crossing over the fog line several times and speeding. As Officer caught up to vehicle, it began to slow but, did not come to a stop as directed by the activated overheads from the patrol cruiser. Officer continued to follow the vehicle, activated the audible siren, when the vehicle completed a turn, slowing and eventually stopping. Officer made contact with the driver, had them exit the vehicle and while doing so noted the slurred speech, blood shot eyes and strong odor of alcohol coming from the person. Officer conducted a safetysearch on the subject and placed them into the rear of the patrol cruiser. Officer requested the subject complete field sobriety testing, which they were unable to complete successfully. A Tow Inventory Form was completed and a tow was called for the vehicle. Driver was then transported to the State Highway Patrol to give a breath sample, which resulted in twice the legal limit of alcohol. Driver was allowed to contact someone for a ride home, citations were issued for failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, possession of drugs, driving while under suspension, driving while under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, driving in marked lanes and tail lights