Updated forecast: Up to 8 inches of snow, temps below zero possible this weekend

BELLVILLE — The National Weather Service has updated its weather forecast for this week.

As of this morning, weather guessers say Richland County could get 5-8 inches of snow Saturday with a little more accumulation on Sunday.

Some models are calling for more than 12 inches of snow in this part of the Buckeye State.

If that’s not enough. Temperatures will fall thoughout Saturday and Sunday night and a low of -2 is forecast for Sunday morning.

It you got to the store late last week and your favorite grocer was already out of milk, bread, beer, water and toilet paper, here’s an early warning for more bad weather in the offing this weekend.


These forecasts are always subject to change, so keep an eye on your local weather guessers as the storm gets closer. Or follow the Bellville Star at www.thebellvillestar.com or our Facebook page.