Ohio updates signature requirements for statewide ballot issues

COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced the new figures for signature requirements for statewide ballot issues. The updated number of signatures now needed for each issue type was determined using the total votes cast for the office of governor in the 2018 General Election, as required by the Ohio Constitution.

Now through the 2022 gubernatorial general election, statewide ballot issue committees submitting an issue to be placed on the ballot will need to meet the following overall signature requirements for each issue type:

Constitutional Amendment: 442,958 (10 percent of total votes cast for governor)

Referendum: 265,774 (six percent of total votes cast for governor)

Initiated Statute: 132,887 (three percent of total votes cast for governor) to be submitted to the General Assembly for consideration, then an additional 132,887 to place the issue on the ballot should the General Assembly not act or pass the proposed statute in amended form.

Only the signatures of qualified electors will count towards satisfying these constitutional requirements.

Additional information and constitutional requirements concerning placing a statewide issue on the ballot is available on the secretary of state’s website.+




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