Update: Waste Water Treatment Plant construction

Bellville’s Waster Water Treatment Plant currently undergoing rennovation

The Bellville Waste Water Treatment Plant is slated for completion of its second phase sometime near the end of the summer or into the early fall.

The project has been underway since the beginning of 2014 and is not scheduled to be fully completed until 2016. The plant’s upgrades are designed to bring the plant up to state standards.

“We’re working very hard on our construction plan,” said Bellville Mayor Darrell Banks. “By the end of the year we are going to see huge improvements to the plant.”

“Bellville’s existing plant was old and used outdated technology and it was not meeting discharge limits for water quality as established by Ohio EPA,” said Bellville Village Administrator Chuck Pscholka. “The village is under orders to bring our plant into compliance by mid- 2016. To do this, we have begun the process of making major plant improvements in phases as grants and low interest loans can be secured.”

The completed first phase of the construction improved the primary treatment process of waste water including the adding of new pumps, new screening equipment, new electrical equipment and building upgrades.

It also included upgraded the plant’s Ultra Violet disinfection system and new flow measurment equipment. The upgrades were designed to improve the plant’s effectiveness and its overall odor, stated Banks.

According to Pscholka, the cost of this portion of the project was $727,600 and was financed by an Ohio Public Works Commission Grant of $316,305 and a 0 percent loan through Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund for $411,288. The first wave of new additions were finished in the fall of 2014.

Phase Two A of the project was awarded last November to Kelstin Construction of Shelby OH for $409,200 after the first phase completion.

“This phase will cover the major treatment enhancement element with the installation of the SDox system (Soluable dissolved Oxygen),” said Pscholka.”Oxygen is a necessary component of the treatment process needed to support the growth of bacteria beneficial in the treatment process of waste water. This process should significantly enhance the efficiency of both our primary and secondary treatment processes as well as help with the settling of sludge in our digesters, allowing more water to be decanted back to the plant and reducing the volume of sludge that we must haul and dispose of.”

Phase II A includes the cost of the oxygen generation equipment, the SDox feed equipment, necessary piping, electrical controls and construction of building to house all of the equipment. This portion of the project will be financed by a 0 percent loan through the Ohio Public Works Commission and a 0 percent loan through the Ohio’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund and should be completed by September.