Richland County traffic fatalities September update

Staff report

The Richland County Safe Communities Coalition reports that for the month of September there were three traffic deaths in Richland County. There have been 13 total traffic-related deaths this year in Richland County.

In 2014 there were two September traffic fatalities. The 13 deaths match the worst year for traffic fatalities in Richland County through the first nine months since 2008. The chart below reflects the five-year totals of traffic-related fatalities in Richland County for September and for the first nine (9) months of the year:

Year September

Through nine months

2015 3 13
2014 2 9
2013 1 6
2012 0 11
2011 1 7

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s comprehensive costs for traffic fatalities, each fatality has a comprehensive cost of $1.4 million associated with it. The 13 traffic fatalities this year have cost Richland County $18.2 million.

October is the time of year to remind Richland County drivers to be aware of the increased presence of deer on the roadway. Last year half of the 19,705 deer-related crashes in Ohio occurred between October and December.

In addition to millions of dollars in damages, these incidents caused 798 injuries, as well as four fatalities, to the vehicle occupants. Richland County recorded 510 deer-vehicle crashes last year, the second highest county total in Ohio.

Staff report