Clear Fork approves new classroom materials

Stacey Swank, Clear Fork’s Curriculum Coordinator presents in front of the Clear Fork Board of Education on July 9.

The Clear Fork Board of Education has approved a new set of middle and high school classroom math materials for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

The move came Thursday night following a presentation from Stacey Swank, Clear Fork’s Curriculum Coordinator who had been piloting several textbook suppliers’ options among the district’s math teachers.

“Pearson was the one teachers did like,” said Swank. “It has courses for every one of our math classes.”

Their program comes complete with both print and online editions of their texts. Additionally, the company offers software for interactive homework lessons.

“We should have it where text books can be accessed online,” said Clear Fork Valley Board of Education Vice-President Jim Klenk. “Parents won’t have to worry about coming in to pick up student’s textbooks if they can’t be in school.”

Clear Fork board members agreed to a six-year license agreement with Pearson, which breaks down to cost $21 per student per year, a figure stated by Swank.

Klenk also stated that to pay for the new classroom materials the school system would use the levied income tax from area residents. The switch to the new textbooks is to update Clear Fork curriculum to be in accordance with state education standards.

The board also approved of bus driver Vicki Knapp’s retirement effective Aug. 31 and starting to bid a new locker project for Clear Fork High School.