Pastor Column

How many of you think that in today’s world it’s tough to be a parent?

It’s not easy to raise kids in the world we live in. I believe that parenting is one of the world’s hardest jobs. Ok not one of, but the hardest job.

Parents have the stress of working to provide for their families, feeling guilty about not spending enough time with their children, dealing with the aging of their parents, feeling “out of touch” with the prevailing culture, facing marital or even post-marital issues, dealing with issues of our own aging, bickering among our children, financial stresses, feeling like we have little support and that always nagging feeling of have we been successful or have we done enough for our children as they age and begin to assert their independence. As a mother of five children, I have battled each of these issues at some point along this journey we call parenthood.

Currently, I am a Team Pastor at CitiChurch in Bellville and work with our Children’s Ministry. Over the past 16 years that I have been involved in children’s ministry, I have heard countless parents express these same stresses time and time again. And what I have come to realize is that the local church can and should be a primary source of encouragement and empowerment for families.

I love families and I love my local church; CitiChurch. CitiChurch is a place where parents find safety because we accept their current situation and help them to make the most of it. We affirm parents that God’s remarkable grace is the foundation for parenting and that God is active in families of many different shapes and sizes.

Many studies show that parents want to connect with other parents but feel they have few opportunities to do so. CitiChurch is a place where parents can meet other parents and share in this journey. We strive to build a caring community and an environment where help-seeking and mutual support is honored. CitiChurch will be offering some parenting workshops this fall that are designed to help parents at any stage in their journey.

Along with supporting parents, CitiChurch has an amazing Children’s and Student Ministry for newborns all the way through High School. CitiKidz (ages 0-5th grade) offers a place where children can discover and develop a passion for God.

Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. CitiStudents (6th-12th grade) creates amazing environments for learning about God and His word and how to navigate through life.

This is definitely a great way for students to meet new people and connect with others. Our goal at CitiChurch is to come alongside parents to help them pass on the faith to their children. We don’t underestimate the power of parents in the spiritual formation of their children. If spiritual formation if the key-and we believe it is-parents are too valuable to leave out of the equation. We strive to bring parents into the circumstances and situations of their children, affirming and helping along the way. CitiChurch loves parents, children and students and we can’t wait to partner with you as we experience God’s remarkable grace together.