Butler to appraise village trees

Butler village council discusses dog barking problem.

Butler council approved a measure to sell timber on a parcel of village land on Monday night by allowing independent forestry consultant, Jeff Wilkinson to appraise trees on the property.

“I did a preliminary analyzing of the property,” said Wilkinson. “What I do is mark the trees, scale them and then begin accept bids for a logger to come in. I have worked with Morrow County, Bellville and Mansfield to help villages and municipalities market their timber.”

The outside consultation is part of Butler Mayor Kevin Carr’s plan to use funds gained from timber sales for village improvement projects.

Council also set into motion an ordinance to alleviate a widespread dog parking problem in the village.

Butler resident Joel Brokaw presented council members with a 19-signature petition stating villagers would like to see something done about the general nuisance.

Council agreed with Brokaw after hearing complaints from residents during several previous meetings and made a motion to further codify a dog noise ordinance.

“We will draft an ordinance by the next meeting,” said Karr. “We know what we are dealing with here.”