Area students among winners at CACY’s “Kick Butts with Art” show

Staff report

CACY participated in the National Kick Butts Day on March 16. This was the day of activism to encourage youth to reject tobacco industry’s marketing and to stay tobacco-free. The day is organized by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and sponsored by the United Health Foundation.

CACY mobilized and raised awareness about the dangers of tobacco use in Richland County with a “Kick Butts with Art” Show on March 16 from 5-6 p.m. at the Mansfield Art Center, 700 Marion Ave. in Mansfield, Ohio. The event was open to the public and free admission. The art show showcased 60 artistic works on 8” by 10” canvas and one public service announcement of CACY participating students in 3rd- 12th grades. Schools and programs represented included Lucas, Clear Fork, Crestview, Shelby, Mansfield, Madison, Plymouth-Shiloh, Ontario Schools and Mid-Ohio Futures Program. Gift certificates were given to the top three art selections in 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th, 9th-12th grades. Honorable mention certificates were also given. This year’s show also included a video public service announcement category and gift certificates were given to the top three videos. Artwork and PSA videos were judged based on creativity and adherence to the anti-tobacco theme. Judges included members of the CACY Board of Trustees.

Nationally, the Kick Butts Day program has been in existence since 1996. 2016 is CACY’s 5th year to sponsor the art show.

Tobacco, which includes cigarettes, cigars, snus, chewing tobacco or snuff, use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, imposing a horrendous toll in health, lives and dollars on families, businesses and government. Tobacco kills more than 480,000 people annually- more than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. Tobacco costs the U.S. more than $170 billion in health care expenditures and $151 billion in lost productivity each year. Worldwide, 100 million people died from tobacco, related causes during the 20th century.

The tobacco industry spends $8.8 billion in marketing nationwide. An estimated $394.7 million is spent on tobacco marketing in Ohio alone. One-third of underage experimentation with smoking is attributed to tobacco company advertising.

The 2011 Richland County Community Health Assessment identified 10% of Richland County youth ages 12-17 as smokers increasing to 20% of those 17-18 years old. Overall, 6% of Richland County youth indicated they had used tobacco in the past month. Of those who currently smoke, 46% had tried to quit. 27% of Richland County youth report having tried smoking in their lifetime. Second-hand smoke was an additional alarm with 44% of Richland County youth exposed on a daily basis.

CACY’s mission is to prevent and reduce youth use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Richland County. Questions concerning alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention services call CACY at 419-774-5683 Monday through Friday or visit

Third Grade 1st Place: Savannah Wolf Lexington- Central Elementary 2nd Place: Lauryn Nupen Lexington- Central Elementary 3rd Place: Jillian Miller Lexington- Central Elementary Honorable Mention: Hadley Williams Lucas Elementary Honorable Mention: Aspen Payne Mansfield Spanish Immersion

Fourth Grade 1st Place: Hayden Kidney Crestview Middle School 2nd Place: Jacob Halfhill Lexington- Central Elementary 3rd Place: Jennifer Maynard Crestview Middle School Honorable Mention: Mallorie McAvene Crestview Middle School Honorable Mention: Chloe Nelson Shelby- Auburn Elementary

Sixth Grade 1st Place: Mackenzie Harris Ontario Middle School 2nd Place: Ryan Culler Lucas Middle School 3rd Place: Tiffany Whittaker Ontario Middle School Honorable Mention: Hayden Williams Lucas Middle School Honorable Mention: Aaron Artrip Plymouth-Shiloh

Seventh/Eighth Grade 1st Place: Megan Steinman Clear Fork Middle School 2nd Place: Alli Bisel Ontario Middle School 3rd Place: Kyle Kline Clear Fork Middle School Honorable Mention: Savannah Polkinghorn Madison Middle School Honorable Mention: Aariona Jeffery Ontario Middle School

High School 1st Place: Lacey Nolen Mansfield Senior High School 2nd Place: Dallas Smith Mansfield Senior High School 3rd Place: Anna Rodriguez Clear Fork High School Honorable Mention: LaRosa Harris Mansfield Senior High School Honorable Mention: David Redding Lucas High School Honorable Mention: Reagan Cook Ontario High School

Video Contest 1st Place: Joseph Pritchard, Max George Clear Fork Middle School 2nd Place: Mylah Flynn, Ceirra Lester, Maddie Clark, Vegas Granholm Clear Fork Middle School 3rd Place: Teyron Cantey Ontario

Staff report