Butler Council looks for replacement

Council members debated the specifics of two pieces of legislation before the board on Monday night before deciding to table the discussion, while they search for a replacement for Councilman Francis Divelbiss who announced his resignation Monday night, stating he was moving out of Butler.

“We knew this was coming for some time,” stated Butler Mayor Kevin Carr. “It’s now up to council to find a new appointee.”

Carr said that members had 30 days to find a substitute for Divelbiss after which he would executively appoint a new councilperson. He stated that he would rather not make the decision himself and felt that council should through the legislative process.

The ordinances council  was concerned over proposed an amendment to the dog barking policies codified in the village charter.

One piece of proposed legislation would eliminate the time restrictions placed on law enforcement officials, prevent them from effectively writing citations for dog owners that are nuisance to residents.

“We have to be careful with this,” said Butler Police Chief Bob Ball of the proposed statutes. You need to iron out some of this language.”

Ball was concerned that the language was too vague and would require his department to issue too many citations against residents in order to avoid pinpointing any specific villagers.

Additionally, council approved a measure to upgrade utility poles downtown for up to $5000.

By Zach Jones



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