Council accepts Scout help, debates annual Clean-up Day

BELLVILLE — Members of the Bellville village council accepted the offer of help from a young area resident at its Tuesday council meeting.

Then it took up a troublesome problem — what to do with people who over-use the village’s clean-up day.

The offer of help came from Cole Fletcher, who is working on getting an Eagle Scout designation. His plan is to reconfigure and improve the meeting room at the Bellville Police Department.

That offer was accepted by council members.

The discussion turned to other matters, including how to control some over eager people who want to dump lots of unwanted things in the dumpsters the village lines up to hold waste.

Fletcher, 16, said his work for the village will be 100 per cent free, and it’s been discussed with Police Chief Ron Willey and Mayor Teri Brenkus.

A flat screen TV will be put in place on one wall, and a white board moved to another location. This will remove the need for an old TV, and will also “clean up cables” that run through the room, Fletcher said.

Jeff Mussman, who serves as village solicitor with his wife, Sarah Mussman, asked about the benefits of Fletcher’s work.

Fletcher said it will be easier to set up a projector, cables will be removed and there will be more room.

Brenkus gave council members updates on projects, including Clean-up Day, which will be April 15.

She said this year it will be a one-day event, because in the past people over-used dumpsters, and lot of clean up was required.

Last year the village got three roll-off dumpsters, but ended up paying for the use of seven.

Fiscal officer Brigette Gatton suggested the collection area could be moved to the parking lot in front of Police Department offices. She said she wondered whether people would “be that bold” to over-use that area.

Council member Vic Swisher said “people are extremely bold” and might not respond to lots of restrictions.

Clint Knight, also on council, said the issue should be considered by the community development committee of council. That might allow people to “iron out” a procedure to control diffulties and make the operation “more efficient.”

He said he will bring a plan back to council on March 21.

Council is considering a plan by the Clear Fork Youth League to make improvements in the fields it uses. Mussman said a proposed ordinance hasn’t been written yet, but that the understanding between the village and the youth league would be that a “priority of use” exists, favoring the league.

The understanding is that the league would be relocating its field, and adding a concession stand and restrooms, said Brenkus..

Council gave final reading to ordinances which makes changes in impact fees and other regulations that govern actions of groups who want to put in new businesses in the village area. An old ordinance written in the 1990s set up “impact fees” groups would have to pay the village. Some of the rates have been reduced or eliminated.

Cole Fletcher details plans for room clean-up Fletcher details plans for room clean-up





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