Camp site, businesses along State Route 97, lining up for village services

BELLVILLE — The Templed Hills camp site located on the edge of the village is planning on using the village’s water supply, at the rate of 15,000 gallons a day, committee members were told by village administrator Larry Weirich this week.

Templed Hills, on Durbin Rd., is one of two camp sites operated by the Ohio Conference United Church of Christ. The other has been in Danville.

Weirich said they were having problems with that Danville site because people couldn’t find it.

Weirich told public utilities ccommitee members the water use would probably be a “seven day a week thing.” The camp would have to pay the regular charge fee, plus a 55 per cent surcharge, he said.

There would be a $6,150 project fee to the village, because the water line would have to be run to the curb box where the camp could tap in. The camp would assume the cost of getting access to the water, Weirich said.

Other groups wanting access to village services have been moving forward in expansion plans, Weirich said.

Speedway is “moving quickly” to put in separate diesel fuel lines at its station on State Route 97. The diesel pumps will be placed behind the building, which sits on the state route close to I-71.

Preliminary plans from Speedway were approved at a recent planning commission meeting.

There is a $6,500 engineering fee and it will cost $50,000 to $55,000 to run a water line in that area. There is a water tower on a hill to the east of State Route 97, Weirich said.

Some of the businesses in the area, K.C.’s and McDonald’s, have wells but they use sewer facilities run by Richland County.