Neighborhood watch group sponsors event for seniors


BELLVILLE — A neighborhood group in the village is having a special event April 9 to provide help to seniors in the community.

The Greenbriar Neighborhood Watch group is sponsoring the event, which will be held at New Life Church, 195 Durbin Ave., at 2 p.m.

Mayor Teri Brenkus said May is seniors month, and representatives of the Area Agency on Aging, the Adult Center in Butler and Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center (BNOC) will be on hand to answer questions.

Brenkus said she is encouraging all area senior citizens to attend the event.

Dorothy Michalovich of the Adult Center will be at the event, as will representatives of other groups.

Brenkus said the Greenbriar Neighborhood Watch group was formed three years ago because the area, where she lives, had experienced break-ins. The Hamilton Hills area has now formed its own neighborhood watch group, Brenkus said.

The April 9 event will be “hosting the whole family,” said Brenkus. There will be goodies bags handed out, and various sources of information will be available.

The two neighborhood watch groups are the only ones in existence in the village, said Bellville Police Chief Ron Willey. He said he would “like to see more pop up” because he is for that idea “100 per cent.”

He said for the police department, having more eyes on the street is a benefit.

Willey said he or the mayor go to the watch group events. The Hamilton Hills group, whose one sponsor is Carol Jagger, had a meeting in early March and a half dozen people showed up. Staci McCartney is the other primary organizer of the Hamilton Hills neighborhood watch group.

The April 9 Greenbriar Neighborhood Watch event will furnish more information to people who are interested. People wanting more information on the event may call village hall at 419-886-2245, option 1.