Bellville area police calls

April 10

Bellville North Road – Officer observed a vehicle with a loud exhaust. Prior to initiating the traffic stop, the officer also observed this vehicle make a turn without using their turn signals. The officer then initiated the traffic stop and noticed suspicious activity taking place inside the vehicle. Upon approach of the vehicle, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana emitting from inside it. An 18 year-old male of Bellville was cited for contributing to the unruliness/delinquency of a child, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and failure to use a turn signal. Both juveniles involved were issued summonses for being out past curfew.

April 12

Bellville — This office received a referral for a juvenile sex offense case. Under investigation.

Hillview Drive – Possible burglary with no entry gained into the residence due to the due diligence of the homeowner in protecting their residence. Victim claimed that the shed was rummaged through but nothing appeared to be missing according to the homeowner.

Huron Street – Verbal dispute between husband and wife, both of Bellville. No injuries, no arrests made. Advice given.

Alexander Road – Officer initiated a car stop for failure to use turn signal before making a turn. Upon making contact with the driver, an adult male from Mansfield, the officer was advised by the driver that he did not have a valid driver’s license. Driver was cited for driving under suspension.

Mock Road and State Route 97 West – Officer noticed suspicious activity from a vehicle on Mock Road. Officer continued to watch as occupants exited the vehicle and ran around it. Occupants got back in the vehicle and began driving well under the posted speed limit, crossing the fog lines and over the center line. Traffic stop was initiated. Driver, an adult male from Columbus, was found to be under the influence and was cited for it.

April 13

Duke and Duchess – While refueling, Officer heard a vehicle pull into the lot with a very loud exhaust. Plates came back with information about a driver, out of Mansfield, with a suspended license. Officer cited the driver for Driving Under FRA suspension, towed the vehicle and gave warning for the loud exhaust.

April 14

While patrolling, an officer noticed suspicious activity by an individual in the Mid Ohio Inn parking lot. When the officer was noticed by said individual, who appeared to be sneaking around a vehicle, he fled. This officer then approached the vehicle and located the owner. Upon speaking with the owner of the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana was detected. Upon checking the premises, several juveniles, from Bellville, Mansfield, and Howard were cited and released to their parents. One male juvenile, from Mansfield, was arrested and detained at the Richland County Juvenile Detention Center. The adult male, of Bellville, was cited for contributing to the delinquency of a child, possession of drug paraphernalia, offenses involving underage persons and possession of marijuana.