Letter to the editor,

Those who are concerned about, or who are in support of Coach Bechtel:

I am a proud alum of CF and was blessed with the opportunity to play for and now come back and join Coach Bechtel’s staff this past season. I am proud to have my name affiliated with his and CF basketball once again. I am proud that our kids and staff brought home our first tournament title since 2004. The support we received at the end of the season was phenomenal, and we hope that it continues into the 2017-2018 season. That being said, I urge us as a community to put differences aside and move on in a more positive and constructive manner while supporting our student athletes. This event has dragged on long enough and needs to be left alone so that our student athletes can focus on learning, playing and enjoying the game. We should encourage our student athletes to continue to work hard at improving academically and athletically. We need to continually strive to teach and work at instilling the traits of commitment, hard work and a strong work ethic in them as coaches, and community members. These things are what the ‘Valley’ has been built on. They are what so many of us have built our lives on and what we stand for. So let us not become complacent with our expectations, but rather continue to raise them; for that is when a sense of entitlement will creep into our student athletes, our programs, our schools, and this community as a whole. We need to come together, just as the “Valley’ always has and will continue to do!!

Logan Slavinski