Council talks about money issues


Rich Osborn

Rich Osborn

BELLVILLE — Members of the village council discussed problems with getting adequate police service at Tuesday’s meeting.

Discussion started when village solicitor Sarah Mussman read a proposed ordinance which would call for a three mill levy to raise money for the Bellville Village Department.

Council member Vic Swisher said before voting for that proposed ordinance people should ask if it would provide enough money.

The long-term vision is that the department could hire another police officer and perhaps make the clerk’s position full time.

A lot of people in the village don’t know that at one point there was coverage by police officers for eight hours a day, said council member Joann Palmer. Mayor Teri Brenkus said Police Chief Ron Willey was “hardly able to take any of his vacation last year.”

Because of development around State Route 97 and I-71 there is going to be a need for another officer, said council member Bruce Snyder.

Willey has put together a list of items he would like to add in the department. They include making the position for Heather John, the clerk, into a full time one, adding an officer, and doing something to upgrade equipment and technology, said Brenkus.

The village’s budgeting process works in a way so that certain departments are funded only from the general fund.

If needs of a department go beyond a certain amount, a levy can be issued to raise more funds.

Brenkus said the last time a levy was asked for by the police department it ended up with less money than anticipated because it could take no more from the general fund.

Council had been asked to approve sending an ordinance to the county because that submission is required before an issue can be put on the November ballot. The deadline for submitting something to the auditor is in August.

A finance committee for the council scheduled a meeting for 2 p.m. Monday to go over the issue.

Brenkus told council members the variety show to be held at the Opera House May 27 at 7 p.m. has attracted more talent.

Jason Potes, owner of Stoodt’s Market, will play trumpet. A group in which Matt Domka plays will perform. He is youth strings coordinator for the Mansfield Symphony. Fritz Ackerman will now be performing two songs, instead of just one.

Council member Rich Osborn announced his resignation from council, stating personal reasons. He has served on council since January of 2016.

Osborn had served on the council finance committee.

Rich Osborn Osborn