Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center food drive starts June 5

Staff report

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — The Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center (BNOC) is working on a project where it could reap hundreds of dollars in donations in a project it is pursuing with CenturyLink Community Relations.

A program named Backpack Buddies Food Drive, running June 5 through 16, will allow people to consult a website and make a donation online.

BNOC will receive back from CenturyLink 75 per cent of any monies donated, said Jacob Hamilton, of BNOC.

“This is an outstanding opportunity to further” the mission of helping Clear Fork valley residents in need, Hamilton said.

In this drive, BNOC could receive as much as $1 million, when people contact the site and make a donation via credit card or PayPal, Hamilton said.

The site is

By visiting the site, starting June 5, people can pick a beneficiary and make a donation.

People with questions can contact Hamilton at 419-886-8395.

Staff report