Bellville Police Calls

Bellville Police calls

July 23

Main Street – Dispatch contacted the police department and asked that we handle a theft complaint via public service. The complainant stated she is unsure if she dropped her wallet when exiting her vehicle and heading into work or if someone entered her vehicle and dropped it outside her car, after taking the cash. There are no suspects at this time.

July 25

Main Street – A tip was called into the front desk regarding a William Mosier, Jr. Mosier had a retake warrant out of Florida. Upon contact with Florida, it was determined that they were interested in having him extradited back to Florida for a felony parole violation. Because his crimes were violent in nature, the U. S. Marshals office was contacted to assist this department with serving the warrant. He was found when officers went into the house and was taken into custody without incident.

July 26

Speedway on State Route 97 West – A call came in stating there was a vehicle at the business that was possibly involved in some drug activity. When the officer arrived on scene, he noticed an individual in the driver’s seat who was slumped over and bobbing her head. Once the officer was able to get the attention of the driver, he noticed a syringe in the center console. For the safety of the driver and officer the subject was placed into handcuffs and temporarily detained. The woman was frantically moving around in the vehicle. The driver, a 42 year-old Columbus woman, was issued a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia and was released to her father.

Bellville Public Library – Officer was dispatched to this location for theft of a purse from a motor vehicle. The victim stated they were only inside the library for 10 minutes and during this time she had left her purse on the front passenger side floorboard. There are no suspects at this time.

Flowers/Fry Road – Traffic stop was initiated because officers saw a license plate light not working. During the stop, the officer learned that the driver, a 27 year-old Bellville resident, was driving with a suspended license. He did have driving privileges for work but was driving outside of those rights. He was issued a citation for driving under suspension.

July 27

State Route 97 and Mock Road – A traffic stop was initiated for speed. While running the driver’s information, it was determined that he had an active warrant and was transported to the Richland County Jail. The driver, a 53 year-old Mansfield resident, was also cited for speeding.

Bell Street – A young, 13 year-old Bellville boy had received nude text messages from an unknown number. This happened on a couple different occasions. The young man was counseled about being careful about giving out information online. He and his mom were instructed to come back if they were to receive any more messages.

July 28

State route 97 West – Officer initiated a traffic stop for a loud exhaust. While speaking with the driver, a 39 year-old Mansfield woman, and the passenger, a 42 year-old Mansfield man, this officer learned that both had suspended and expired licenses. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and having aloud exhaust.

July 29

State route 97 West – Officer initiated a traffic stop due to an oncoming vehicle nearly blinding him because the driver had not dimmed their bright lights; the officer saw speeding and the driver crossing over the fog line and center line. During the stop, the officer detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle and was able to see in plain view, an open beer bottle. Upon conducting the field sobriety test, several cues were noted, indicating she was likely intoxicated. The subject, an 18 year-old Newark resident, also admitted to smoking marijuana just 10 minutes prior to getting pulled over. The driver was cited for underage consumption, failure to dim high beams, speed, marked lanes and open container. Her vehicle was towed and she was released to her mother.