Police Calls

July 30

Bellville – Several calls came in reporting loud noise coming from a residence, possibly a party with underage drinking. Upon arrival, several individuals were issued summonses and advised of their court dates.

July 31

Bell Street – A resident informed this department that someone had opened a credit card in his name in Florida. He stated no theft has occurred but wanted to make this office aware that someone opened a new account and he received a bill for the card that he did not open.

Aug. 1

Fitting Avenue – An officer was dispatched to this location for alleged suicidal text messages being sent to another individual. The officer made contact with the subject who was allegedly sending these message. This individual stated they never made any reference to suicide and had no intentions of harming himself or anyone else. Due to surrounding circumstances, the alleged suicide threats were unfounded.

Aug. 2

Comfort Inn – An officer was dispatched to the Comfort Inn due to residential complaints of a marijuana odor coming from one room. The officer made contact with the registered tenant of the room and was welcomed into the room. The officer took notice of some marijuana sitting on the night stand in plain sight. The 18 year-old Butler male admitted that he was smoking marijuana. He was then issued a summons for possession of marijuana.

Aug. 3

Jackson Wells – A call came in to the front desk requesting an officer to her location for some fraudulent activity on their business checking account. She stated someone has cashed several fake checks made to look like the business checks to the tune of over $10,000. There are tw0 suspects. This case is under investigation.

Aug. 4

State Route 97 West – Officer initiated a traffic stop for a subject that did not use a turn signal when making a turn. Upon approach of the vehicle, the officer noticed a heavy odor of alcohol. The officer requested the driver, a 51 year-old Mansfield man, do a field sobriety test. The man would attempt the tests but then state he had a medical condition and was unable to continue. He also began to complain of chest palpitation. A squad was called to the scene. The man was cleared and was issued a citation for driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, not using his turn signals and for driving under suspension.

Aug. 5

East Durbin – An officer was dispatched to this location due to an elderly female receiving inappropriate calls of the sexual nature. These calls are being looked into and she was advised to not answer any personal questions, and to not give out any personal information.