Police Calls

Aug. 13

Speedway – An officer observed a female entering an establishment parking lot and parking her vehicle. While she was inside the establishment, the officer watched as she walked unsteadily; while speaking with the cashier she was slurring her words. The cashier informed the officer that he could smell a very heavy odor of alcoholic beverage while the lady spoke with him. The officer made contact with the 30 year-old Maryville female. While speaking with her, he could also detect this odor. He requested her information and requested she participate in a field sobriety test. She refused to do so but did state she wouldn’t drive anymore that night and would have her husband come get her. When she exited her vehicle, the officer noticed an open beer bottle in the door that was still cold to the touch but was over half empty. She was issued a summons for open container and a citation for OVI.

Aug. 14

Ogle Street – An officer was dispatched to this location for a theft complaint. Upon arrival, the officer learned that the victim went to the bank earlier that day and realized that her debit/credit card was missing from her purse. After further investigation, it was learned that the card had been used without her permission at some businesses around Mansfield. This is an ongoing investigation.

Bell Street – A call came into the department about a theft from a motor vehicle. The theft occurred while the victim was in the post office. The victim stated her purse and cell phone were stolen from the vehicle. This is an ongoing investigation.

Der Dutchman – An officer was dispatched to said location for damage to the hood of a vehicle. Upon arrival and after taking a look at the scene and talking with the management team, it was determined that it was not another vehicle that did the damage to her vehicle.

Aug. 15

Ogle Street – An officer was dispatched to the said location in reference to a theft report. While speaking with the victim, the officer learned that the victim was missing some checks and money. The victim stated she had received a call from the bank due to someone attempting to cash a check that had not been endorsed. The transaction was denied and no money was given to the suspect from the bank. This is an ongoing investigation.

Huron Street – A Bellville resident reported a bike stolen from her home. Victim stated a witness saw the bicycle at the market earlier in the day. No suspects at this time.

Fast Eddies – A victim of a theft report came on station stating that while she and her husband were eating at Fast Eddies, her bicycle was stolen. She stated her bike was on the truck bike rack, along with her husbands, whose was not taken. There are no suspects at this time.

State Route 13 and Spayde Road – Traffic stop was initiated due to the subject vehicle not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. The driver, a 20 year-old male from Butler, apologized. At this time, it was learned that the driver had a suspended license. He was issued a citation for driving under suspension and informed of his court date.

Durbin – Police presence was requested at said location for a theft report. Upon arrival, the officer learned that when the homeowner returned from work, he noticed his smoker was missing from his enclosed porch. He stated it was there the previous evening around 8:30 p.m. There are no suspects at this time.

Aug. 16

Ogle Street – While following up on a previous case, the victim stated she noticed a laptop computer in her home that was not hers and did not belong to anyone else in the family. She asked the officer to take possession of the computer and try to determine who it belonged to. The officer did take possession of the laptop and was able to determine that it had in fact been stolen out of Richland County. Investigation is pending.

Aug. 17

Edmonton Drive – The complainant stated that while away for the weekend someone had entered their home and taken some money, videos and pictures. There were no signs of forced entry and nothing was taken of great monetary value, other than the cash. This is an ongoing investigation and being followed up on.


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