Socks sought? Visit Dream Weaver.

Fancy signs of the times, in warm Florida. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star

Fancy signs of the times, in warm Florida. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star

SARASOTA — You now you’re in the place where it’s time to go back to work when you have a dream that is more frustrating than soothing.

Last night, I dreamt I was back at the work place, though at a different location. And there, I couldn’t find a computer I could use. Turns out there were so many people working there everyone had to have a special password to even be allowed access. And you had to use the password words.

In the dream, I fumed because no one had ever told me about that particular password, even though I had been employed by the company for almost two years.


Yes. I am back after a marvelous week in Sarasota, Fl.

We visited the J. N. “Ding” Darling wildlife refuge, and a place called the Celery Fields. These were all wildlife oriented. My sister and college roommate and I ogled at birds, some I had never seen before. We also became friendly with a manatee, and an ugly alligator.

Florida is called the sunshine state for a reason. Each day we were warmed by wonderful rays.

The place I stay in Sarasota is on Lido Key, off the mainland. John Ringling, of circus fame, built a causeway to Lido and a museum is located there.

I had traveled to Sarasota many times with my parents, who found the beautiful location many years ago.

Getting ready to go on vacation wasn’t easy, because before I left I felt time off was way overdue. A tell is when you sense your ability to concentrate is getting a little weak.

I was organized, however, in making sure vacation clothes were clean. I knew venturing there would require short sleeve shirts, comfortable shoes. And of course, a hat. I even dragged out my beach shoes, inherited from my mother. These are slip-ons, suitable for beach walking and visiting the park, which sat at the end of Lido, next to my resort.

One of the reasons I have always loved vacationing on Lido is that the beach is steps away from my door. And finding shells is easy. Of course, you have many communications with shore birds. Pelicans are plentiful.

I met my college roommate Terry in Tampa, and we journeyed with rental car to Sarasota. The first night we stayed with sister Mary Ann, and her friendly pup Carob.

The first full day there, we visited a farmers’ market. I am an aficionado of farmers’ markets, because I existed many years in Washington, D.C., making my living selling at those markets, catering, and providing lots of rich people with good food.

This market has grown over the years in Sarasota. It is now not so much a market for growers, but a venue which attracts people wanting pasta, artisanal items, cheeses. We stocked up, figuring buying there would keep us happier and healthier.

All our purchases, eggplant, lettuces, tomatoes, and the much coveted pasta, made it to our place.

We felt we could unpack, getting our clothes ready for the big week.

It can be a big mistake, to unpack. That’s when you figure out how badly you did the real packing.

The correct combination of swell clothes, to dine out. Check.

Make-up. Check.

Pajamas. Check.

Books. Check.

The correct amount of underwear. Not so good.

Footwear. Check.

Socks. Not even close.

So I decided on one of my ventures around the “Circle” on Lido Key, I would find socks.

The Circle is a shopping mecca. There are many fine shopping venues.

Then I thought I was perhaps being a little too optimistic.

The places on the Circle are high end, and even the t-shirt stores didn’t have socks.

To soothe myself I stopped in a place I love, Dream Weaver. I have bought many items there, including the fantastic woven skirt and top I bought for my wedding.

A woman I know works there, Suzy Dunbar.

I walked in, told her of my delirious thought about being an incompetent packer.

I said I had thought I could find something pretty simple.

And I laughed. Socks at Dream Weaver.

The knowing Suzy laughed right back.

And she showed me to the sock display. There were even choices. Black and silver, or black and gold.

I went with black and silver.

So much more tasteful.

Fancy signs of the times, in warm Florida. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star signs of the times, in warm Florida. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star