Cabot Oil plans will hurt community

Cabot Oil plans will hurt community

I am a landowner in Worthington Township, Richland County, and I am writing to you to voice my concern for our community in the exploration of oil by horizontal drilling, by Cabot Oil. I believe that this deal that Cabot Oil is trying to get from landowners will greatly benefit them and severely hurt our community, and the landowners. My concerns are as follows for our community:

I am concerned of the water contamination from the fracking as it takes lots of water to frack, and the disposal of the waste water from the fracking could pollute our land and water.

I am concerned about the traffic with the big equipment over our county roads which would break up the roads much more than they already are.

I am concerned about the long term health issues that my come from fracking that may harm future generations. My concerns are as follows for the landowners:

I believe this is a terrible deal for the landowners because it is permanent. There should be an end date for renegotiations of any deal.

The new lease favors pooling which removes control for the landowner, and the landowner would lose control over what they want to do with their own land, and I believe that property values will be affected. There is no protection for the landowner for environmental spills, and the landowner would be on their own to hire a lawyer to try to defend their own land.

The compensation by Cabot Oil for signing and continued use of the land is entirely inadequate as there is no provision for inflation and renegotiations.

I encourage all landowners to not sign this lease at this time. Let us stand up for our land for future generations to live and enjoy.

Linda S. Shepard

Worthington Township