Letter: So long to a great friend

Recently the Clear Fork valley lost a great friend — a person who lived in the valley all his life, graduated from Clear Fork high school and cared greatly for the people in the valley.

Wendell Swank was hardworking, honest, dedicated, caring, ethical, giving, funny and as loyal as any person I have ever met.

Throughout his life Wendell was trusted with our children as a school bus driver; he delivered our fuel oil in the winter and delivered our goods while working for UPS freight. Wendell was a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years with the Jefferson Township Bellville fire department and volunteered at both the Amerian Legion and the Amvets veterans post doing whatever was asked of him.

Wendell would be standing on the sidelines, ready to help in any way possible. I don’t think Wendell knew the word no. If you met Wendell Swank you couldn’t help but like him.

I know Wendell loved this valley and the valley loved him. I was one of the lucky ones to call Wendell my friend.

Wendell was like a brother to me; his friendship meant a lot and will be greatly missed. I can only hope that Wendell is now pain free and at peace.

So long, “ole buddy,” till we meet again.

Gordy Peters