Letter to the editor: Balderson best person to represent Ohio’s 12th District

Balderson best person to represent Ohio’s 12th District

On Aug. 7, Ohio’s 12th District has a choice: Troy Balderson, or his opponent.

Troy has a proven record of turning a profit for the state of Ohio: replenishing the rainy-day fund from 89 cents to nearly $2.7 billion without raising taxes, eliminating the state’s deficit and introducing the largest tax cut in Ohio’s history.

His opponent, on the other hand, has no such track record. In fact, he is a protégé of the financial disaster that was Ted Strickland and has quite the opposite plan in mind for Ohio that Troy supports. A quick look at Balderson’s opponent’s agenda reveals his socialist ideas, which would be utterly reliant on state funds and tax increases. He’d reverse the progress that Troy Balderson has made for Ohio and bring us back to the bleak Strickland days. Debt, high taxes and disarray. That’s what we’d get with his inexperienced opponent.

A vote for Troy, on the other hand, would secure the financial mindset that revived our economy. Troy Balderson is not only good for Ohio, he good for our country. As Ohioans we, must do what’s best for our state. But as Americans, we also need to think bigger.

Troy has shown his dedication to fighting for Ohioans and their families and has shown his ability to get things done. He will continue to fight for Ohio when he is elected to congress in August and November. Ohio needs a fighter like him in Congress, someone with a strong voice to better the state of Ohio. Please join me in supporting Troy Balderson for Congress.

Marv Krinsky