Tales from Stoodt’s Golf League

Left to right Jim Leyland, Gerry Dillon, Joe Kaufman and Jerry Totman. The members of the first half winning team in the George Stoodt Memorial Golf League. The team is sponsored by Woods and Sons.

Woods and Sons is the first half winner of the Wednesday night George Stoodt Memorial Golf League.

In second place was A Needed Massage, in third was Ru-Len led by Dick and Jeff Brokaw.

I would like to add that Gerry Dillon and Jim Leyland are two of the best sandbaggers in the league. Just thought I would throw that out there and mention those two guys they deserve all of the praise that is heaped upon them. Jerry Totman is right there too.

With those three on the same team it’s hard to beat them, since they grew up working at Krogers as bag boys. If you know what I mean.

With all due respect they did a very good job this half and I’m sure Joe Kaufman has a hard time keeping them in line . Nice job fellas.

I also want to a little shout out to Rob Kamenoff . He is a new player in our league this year and he is doing his best to keep improving his game. I’ve had a first hand look at it and he is doing very well because I have watched him so closely with him being on our golf team, Jackson Well Services and Central Soft Water.

He shot a very nice one under par score of 31. Congratulations goes out to him and I hope he continues to get consistent on a weekly basis. He seems to be pretty well-driven.

July 1 is our midseason fun night and it should be a blast with what is planned for our league.

I hope everyone has a good time out there and until next week, keep your head down and hit em’ straight.