Bellville police reports

Jan. 4, 2019

State Route 97 — On the listed date and time while patrolling, Officer observed vehicle turn on to I-71 ramp with no RP light. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Officer made contact with the driver, requested the required information and while speaking with them, detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officer questioned the driver as to the odor, the driver stated that there was marijuana in the vehicle along with paraphernalia. The Officer requested the driver exit the vehicle, conducted a safety pat down and placed them into the rear of the patrol cruiser while a search was conducted. Officer located marijuana and drug paraphernalia along with pills. Officer placed the items into evidence and secured into the patrol car, the driver was then allowed back into their vehicle, and was cited for the rear license plate light, possession of marijuana, paraphernalia and drug possession.

* Bellville-On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to the listed location in reference to a domestic dispute. Officer arrived and made contact with several people at the residence, including the victim, gathered information, took witness statements and cleared the scene.

Jan. 5, 2019

Quality Inn — Officer dispatched to the listed location for a theft. Officer arrived and made contact with the caller who stated that they, along with two other people, had checked into a room at the business. Caller stated that they had placed items into the safe in the room, left for a time, and returned to find the item and the other occupants gone. Officer identified occupants to make contact with them regarding the items, spoke with an employee of the business, took statements and cleared the scene