Bellville Police Reports

March 4

Main Street — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed location in reference to a vehicle crashed in the business parking lot, appearing to try and leave the scene. Officer arrived and observed the vehicle, with several people standing nearby. Contact was made with the individuals, and the officer confirmed no one was injured. While speaking with the individuals, Officer did detect the odor of alcohol coming from the persons. Driver advised that their license was suspended but, with driving privileges though they could not produce the paperwork. At this time, Officer had subjects seated in the rear of the patrol cruiser, due to the cold and in order to get statements from all witnesses. Field Sobriety Testing was conducted on the driver, who was unable to complete the tests. A vehicle tow inventory form was completed, while waiting on the tow service. Driver was then transported to a local law enforcement agency for a breathalyzer, which they refused. The passenger was released, the driver cited for driving under suspension and driving under the influence.

March 5

Bellville — On the listed date, Officer met with commander of listed location who stated that when returning back from a trip, they received bank statements listing transactions that were not made by them, nor approved. Subject notified bank and paperwork was filed with them. A theft report was taken.

Bellville — Officer dispatched to listed location in reference to a possible sexual assault. This case is under investigation.

March 7

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to Clear Fork Schools. This case is under investigation.

March 8

Loves — Officer dispatched to listed location for theft. A summons was issued to a juvenile for theft and a report was taken.

March 9

Mid Ohio Inn — On the listed date and time while conducting checks, Officer confirmed registration with Dispatch referencing an active warrant. Officer made contact with subject, placed them under arrest on the warrant and transported them to meet the charging county.

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer made contact at the listed address for a follow up of a complaint. Subject arrived at the residence, Officer requested identification, Dispatch confirmed along with the active warrant. Subject was then transported to jail. Officer cleared scene.

March 10

Loves — Officer dispatched to the listed location for a possible domestic violence situation. Officer arrived on scene and made contact with the subjects who stated they were in a verbal altercation. Officer spoke with both subjects, advised each, no charges were issued due to no violations.